Laser Blemish Removal

Laser Treatment for Freckles, Age Spots and Other Marks

With a laser, Dr. Galoob can remove or lighten most freckles, spots, spider veins, dark circles under the eyes and red birthmarks. A laser can also remove tattoos, warts, and some scars and moles. Blemishes in the top layers of skin, such as freckles and spider veins, can often be removed in one treatment. Other blemishes may require two or more treatments. Once a blemish is treated, it almost never comes back.

Your Experience

Laser treatment is quick. Most patients describe the treatment as similar to the snap from a small rubber band. The treatment is performed in Dr. Galoob's office. The surface of the skin is numbed using a topical anesthetic placed about one hour before the procedure. A Cold air machine chills the skin during the laser application to improve your comfort. You will be able to go home immediately and many patients will easily apply make up right away. You will receive instructions for caring for your skin after treatment. Be sure to follow them carefully.

How a Laser Works

A laser is a beam of high-energy light that can be precisely controlled. It can remove veins and blemishes with little or no effect on surrounding skin. The laser beam passes through the translucent skin surface without damaging it and affects the structure beneath. This reduces the risk of scarring. Many kinds of lasers are used to remove skin blemishes. Dr. Galoob will choose the one that's best to treat your skin problem.

Freckles, Age Spots and Moles

A laser can quickly remove freckles, age spots, cafe' au lait spots, and moles that are not deep or cancerous. After treatment, the area becomes dark and may form a crust. The crust falls off in about 10 to 14 days. This leaves a pink spot, which slowly fades to your normal skin color. You must wear sunscreen until the skin heals fully.

Spider Veins and Birthmarks

A laser is ideal for treating spider veins and birthmarks that contain blood vessels. Blood absorbs laser energy, causing the vessels to shrink and disappear. Spider veins often vanish in one treatment.Birthmarks are softly with low laser intensity to prevent scarring, so they take two or more treatments. The skin may appear red and bruised immediately after treatment. It fades to your normal skin color in a few weeks.

Looking Forward to Clearer Skin

Freckles, age spots, warts, spider veins, and other skin blemishes can be removed quickly and simply with a laser. The result is clearer, smoother-looking skin.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about specific laser treatments and other conditions, go to our section on laser treatments in this webpage. Each year, laser skin blemish removal is performed on thousands of patients. Adverse reactions and problems are rare. However, there are certain inherent risks connected with any treatment that should be discussed with the physician prior to beginning. Patients can minimize complications by carefully following directions given by the physician. Contact us If you are interested in learning more about laser treatment of spider viens and birthmarks, call or email our office or leave your name and address on this web page and we will be happy to answer your questions.